Nothing Can Compete To Break Records Of Services Provided By Multilink Solutions!

Multilink Solutions offers from conventional public addressing sound systems to state of the art IP- network based public addressing sound systems. With our experience and knowledge, we can pinpoint the exact type of public addressing equipment which is required which will fully offer the results which are desired. We professionally calculate the required dBs for which the public addressing sound system is required for keeping in loop the ambient noise. With our skills we calculate the sound loss in dBs till the farthest point in the vicinity and see how & what type of public addressing sound system will be installed to minimize the audio loss. Sound waves are complex to handle, as they reflect from surfaces, so Multilink Solutions also offers consultancy, in order to minimize this loss by offering advice related to sound proofing and sound dampening.

Multilink Solutions has partnered up with ITC- Audio to offer complete line up of public addressing amplifiers, amplifiers, wireless microphones & phantom powered wired microphones. Multilink Solutions offers, complete range of public addressing sound systems for rental purposes for different conferences and seminars as well Apart from conventional systems, we also offer IP based network public addressing systems, with touch screen IP microphones, IP network terminals , IP network amplifiers, IP network speakers. These are ideal for large areas where two way communications are required.


  • Public Addressing Amplifiers
  • Public Addressing Speakers
  • Wired / Wireless Microphones
  • IP Based public announcement systems